The Mandala Forest
I find it fascinating when seemingly unrelated thoughts and activities connect and overlap, or when a series of related events come together apparently by chance, and in the process create unexpected richness through relationship and synchronicity.  For the last few days, UFO's have been on my mind, and yesterday  I watched the CNN coverage of the National Press Club disclosure of  US Air Force officers recounting their UFO experiences.   Whether or not you believe in ET encounters on Earth, the video was pretty interesting.  For the most part they seemed quite genuine in their accounts of strange flying light phenomena during their military service.

That night I dreamed that I came to stay at a place of study that bordered on a carved out geologic feature like a small canyon with a large perfectly circular cutout on the rocky ground.  In the dream, I thought of this circle as something carved out by alien intelligence.  Also of note in the dream were the walls of this canyon, which  contained distinct striations and dramatic mineral veins.

Today was I struck by a few portions of text from The Theory and Practice of the Mandala by Giuseppe Tucci, which I came across for the first time.  On page 22, he says

"It must not be imagined that the pictorial representation of the mandala is peculiar to the Buddhists, who have, indeed, only given greater precision to the elaboration of a most ancient intuition which, with the passage of time, has become clarified and has also adopted some alien conceptions, at least as far as the exterior pattern is concerned." 

Alien in this case refers to foreign or outside, but I could not help but feel a synchronicity here.  On the following page he goes on to say: 

"A mandala is much more than just a consecrated area that must be kept pure for ritual and liturgical ends.  It is, above all, a map of the cosmos.  It is the whole universe in its essential plan, in its process of emanation and of reabsorption.  The universe not only in its inert spatial expanse, but as temporal revolution and both as a vital process which develops from an essential principle and rotates around a central axis, Mount Sumeru, the axis of the world on which the sky rests and which sinks its roots into the mysterious substratum."

"Mysterious substratum" were the words that immediately jumped out at me, which I would say described very nicely the canyon like feature of my dream.  But what was also interesting was the way Tucci linked the entire cosmos with this conception of a very tangible yet enigmatic ground, in the same way that the circular trace left by the alien spacecraft of my dream also tied together the earth and the whole of the universe.  As the mandala itself is a tool for spiritual transformation, perhaps in this light, the mandala could be viewed not only as a map, but a sort of  "space vehicle" in its own right.  The mandala, like the dream, is a point of integration between earth and cosmos, or the physical and the spiritual.  It is a symbolic and perhaps actual bridge, convergence, or nexus  constructed through human consciousness.