The Mandala Forest
Long before the birth of Christ and the major religions of today, the shamans and medicine men of traditional indigenous cultures were making use of various natural mind altering and psychedelic substances, from mushrooms, peyote, coca leaves, marijuana, and ayahuasca, to connect with the spiritual world, the natural world, and the people in their community. They used these substances as a source of wisdom and inspiration.  The illegal status of such natural substances in today's world is more than an abrogation of individual rights as human beings: it is a restriction on religious freedom, even as the religions that made use of these substances for tens of thousands of years are dismissed and eliminated from the planet.  This sort of hostility and repression is happening side by side with the systematic destruction of the natural world.  It is for this reason I have created the marijuana mandala, which celebrates the beautiful, psychedelic experience that was fundamental to human spirituality since the beginning of  human history.

Today in the United States, where naturally growing mind altering plants are deemed illegal, the War on Drugs is leading to increasing unnatural violence, as products like marijuana, which are extremely inexpensive to produce, become artificially expensive due to their illegal status.  Because the upper level individuals selling the buds of these  plants cannot appeal to the law for protection of their property, they resort to immoral and criminal violence to protect an unnecessarily high priced substance, which can grow peacefully in the wild without human interference.  The War on Drugs in truth is not a struggle to protect individuals, but a war on consciousness and people's ability to make decisions for themselves.  Another side effect of the the prohibition of marijuana in the US is the outlawed status of industrial hemp, which is a highly nutritive food, supplying omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  Hemp is a hardy plant which requires less water and pesticides than many conventional crops, and can be used in producing fiber and biofuel. This marijuana mandala, which could also be viewed as a hemp mandala, is an energetic call for sanity in a world which has criminalized and subjugated nature and erected in its place forces of violence and destruction.




Tue, 29 Mar 2011 10:27:38

Not too much into the marijuna and illegal substances things, but I absolutely love this mandala and the article is interesting, particulary the link with the destruction of nature.


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